For five decades, we have worked with individuals and families to develop investment plans to help meet their specific wealth management objectives.


For 50 years, Stralem has implemented a unique investment philosophy based on the understanding that when it comes to building sustainable wealth, the impact of preserving capital in falling markets far outstrips the importance of outperforming in rising ones. Strong participation in up markets combined with consistent protection in down markets leads to long-term market outperformance because it enables compounding to begin from a higher base when growth resumes. History has shown that participation with protection is among the most effective ways to build long-term wealth.


For private clients, these participation with protection principles are applied using asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing. Effective diversification across asset classes and rebalancing to that target asset allocation as asset class performance varies mutes the portfolio’s declines, enabling it to begin advancing from a higher base. By discouraging investors from taking on undue risk to reach their goals, this strategy increases the likelihood of building sustainable wealth.


Long-term wealth begins with finding the right asset allocation for your unique circumstances, risk tolerance and wealth management objectives as a private investor. Together we evaluate what you want and need to accomplish with your assets and then create an individualized investment plan and asset allocation strategy with you using sophisticated wealth forecasting tools. These tools help demonstrate the impact different allocations and spending/saving scenarios have on your ability to reach your goals within your level of risk.


We then implement an asset allocation strategy based on your objectives across all your accounts at all your custodians. We develop a roadmap and execute a customized plan that integrates spending, savings, retirement, and tax and estate planning. We work closely with your other professional advisers to reflect your full financial picture, risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs and tax situation. We monitor and rebalance to your targets, with flexibility to take advantage of opportunity, while ensuring your risk/reward tradeoff remains in line with your objectives.


We build your portfolio using like-minded active, research-driven managers in each asset class, offering both proprietary and third-party investments to meet your specific allocation. We conduct rigorous due diligence through a state-of-the-art research infrastructure as well as regular face-to-face meetings with outside managers. Since we are experienced managers ourselves, we know what questions to ask to best capitalize on in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis. We stay well-informed about the economy, investments and capital markets to evaluate how each of these factors may affect your plan and your long-term wealth. 

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