We bring discipline and direction to your financial life to help grow and guard your long-term wealth.

Wealth Management

Working with You

We know, like every investor, you have unique spending, savings, charitable, retirement and legacy goals. That’s why we get to know you. Once we understand your goals, as well as your tolerance for risk, we work closely with you, your family, and your tax and legal advisers to help you reach your objectives within your comfort zone.

Disciplined Approach

To help you realize your goals, we bring rigor, organization and prioritization to your finances using time-tested principles we adhere to ourselves. For the past 50 years, we have followed a methodical approach to investing that we believe is the most effective way to build lasting wealth. Based on the idea of participation with protection, this approach manages the balance between growth and protection of capital within your risk framework, creating an asset allocation that enables you to sleep at night, whether your goals are wealth accumulation or preservation. This approach is based on the philosophy that when it comes to building sustainable wealth, the impact of preserving capital in falling markets far outstrips the importance of outperforming in rising ones. It drives the asset allocation discipline to help you maintain a long-term outlook and forgo Wall Street fads.

Boutique Firm

We pride ourselves on providing highly personalized service and investment solutions tailored to your unique needs. As a multi-generational firm, we understand the specific challenges you face and tap our experience to offer perspective and recommendations so you can make informed decisions. We work and invest alongside you, aligning our interests with yours. And we stay connected, talking and meeting with you regularly to answer questions, update you on performance, stay informed of changes in your life and collaborate on strategy.

Comprehensive Communications & Reporting

To keep you informed and engaged, we provide you easy access to a website that provides secure communications and reporting. Our reports are designed to give you both bird’s eye and detailed views of your accounts across multiple custodians, highlighting asset allocation and performance information.

SRI/ESG Approach

We have a long history of managing customized socially responsible investing (SRI) accounts. We work closely with you to define your specific parameters and restrictions, and use multiple data sources to score and evaluate investments.

Tax-Aware Investing

When we buy and sell any investments, or consider rebalancing your account, we maintain flexibility, taking tax implications into consideration to minimize their impact. We work closely with your accountants and other advisers to understand your tax position and address any opportunities existing in your portfolio.

Financial Administration

To make your life easier, we reduce the administrative burden of your daily finances by overseeing transfers, wires and charitable contributions. We also monitor your retirement contributions and distributions to help ensure you capture opportunities and comply with regulations on a timely basis.

State-of-the-Art Operations

We maintain stringent oversight of every process and execution to maintain discipline and maximize efficiency. We constantly test our state-of-the-art technology to maintain the highest levels of security and reliability. Our dedicated Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for implementing policies and procedures to protect your security, privacy and investments. Our firm’s written Code of Ethics helps ensure that all employees conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity.

Comprehensive, Flexible Services

  • Investment Management
  • Multi-generational Advice and Guidance
  • Personalized Investment Planning
  • Collaboration with Your Accountants and Attorneys
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Philanthropic Planning
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